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​Coin and Card Operated Laundromat in Reno

Spin Cycle Wash and Dry laundromat near Reno is open 7 days a week from 6am to 10pm. Our last wash is at 8.30pm. All of our washers accept coin or credit cards through FasCard. If you per-load your FasCard with $20, you will a receive $5 bonus. Our lavanderia always has a laundry attendant available to help with any of your laundry needs. They can also accept EBT cards over the counter, break bills, or you can purchase laundry detergent, bleach, softener (liquid and sheets), wash beads, soda, or snacks. Our coin laundry has great parking, seating, a folding area, stereo system, and a vending machine for small soap purchases. All our 30 lb. dryers are free when you use our washers.

Self Service Laundry Pricing

  • 20 lb. Washers (9 Total)
  • 30 lb. Washers (12 Total)
  • 40 lb. Washers (9 Total)
  • 60 lb. Washers (6 Total)
  • 80 lb. Washers (4 Total)

Contact store at (650) 280-3004 for Washer laundromat prices.

  • 30 lb. Dryer (32 Total) FREE with wash
  • 45 lb. Dryer (10 Total) $0.25 (12 Minutes)
  • 75 lb. Dryer (3 Total) $0.25 (12 Minutes)

Try our wash and fold laundry service near Reno. Just drop off your laundry with us and our laundry attendants will do it for you.